FAQ's About Mediation

What is Mediation?

This video discusses and defines Mediation: its purpose, benefits and its differences from litigation.

How long does Mediation take?

This video discusses how to gauge how long a Mediation can take.

How much does Mediation cost?

This video discusses the two most popular ways Mediators structure their fees.

Where does Mediation take place?

This video discusses several common and acceptible options for mediation venues.

What's the difference between Mediation and going to court?

This video explains the difference in going to Mediation to settle your lawsuit, versus going to Court and litigating it (having a bench or jury trial).

Is the Mediator the same as a Judge?

This video explains the Mediator's role at Mediation as compared to a Judge's role in court.

Can my case be Mediated?

This video discusses the vast array and types of lawsuits that can be Mediated... several of which are required to mediate before being granted a hearing or trial date.

What does the Mediator do?

This video discusses and explains specifically what the Mediator does during mediation.

Do I need an Attorney at Mediation?

This video discusses whether or not a party to Mediation needs to have an attorney with them.

This video explains that, whether or not you have an attorney, you can usually always try mediation, if your lawsuit hasn't be litigated.

Can cases involving Domestic Violence be Mediated?

This video gives an in-depth explanation of how Mediation is utilized in cases involving a history of Domestic Violence to help the parties with issues such as co-parenting, Child Support, etc. all while providing for the safety of all parties and the Mediator.

About Mediator Clay Phillips

Clay Phillips is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed General Civil and Family Mediator, Specially Trained in Domestic Violence, and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator (#37581 FR). He has been mediating since 2007 and has mediated more than 400 pre- and post-filing disputes and lawsuits in Tennessee Courts. 

Clay has experience mediating the following types of lawsuits and disputes:

  • Contracts
  • Collections
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Intellectual Property
  • Products Liability
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Divorce & Post-Divorce
  • Parenting Planning

Since 2008 he has trained more than 1,200 mediators for Rule 31 Listing. He earned a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University, and a BS and MBA from Liberty University.

Clay Is an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Navy. He spent six years (1984-1990) on active duty as an analyst/operator assigned to the Cryptologic Direct Support Element of the Naval Security Group.

Fees for Mediation

Fees for Mediation are set by agreement.

For most mediations, my rate is $225 per hour,  divided among the parties (in injury cases the injured party and their spouse count as one party).

There is no charge for travel time to the following Tennessee Counties: Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Sumner, Robertson, Cheatham, or Dickson. Otherwise, travel fee is charged at a rate of $50 per County driven through/to each way. For travel requiring air travel, the fee is equal to the actual total cost incurred by me for air fare, car rental, parking and my fee rate for time spent traveling in-air and to/from airports. Lodging fee is equal to the actual total cost incurred by me.

A two hour cancellation fee will be charged for mediations cancelled  less than 10 days before the date of the scheduled conference.

Expenses such as conference room rental and courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) charges are billed at actual cost.

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